YAKEEN BATCH – for NEET 2021 – PCB by Best Faculties : For XII Passed/Droppers on PW APP ( https://bit.ly/2SHIPW6 )
Batch Details:-
1)Best Faculties across India for different Subject/Topics.
2)Complete & Relevant Syllabus Coverage of NEET within 6 Months- Fastrack Oct 1,2020-April 1,2021
3)Monday-Saturday : 6 hours scheduled Classes everyday (2 hours for each Physics, Chemistry & Biology)
4)Scheduled Syllabus will be released describing :-
which topics will be taught for how many days.
5)Scheduled Part- Tests on Each Sunday on NEET PATTERN (MOCK TEST) consisting of questions from the Chapters taught till date( 20 Part-tests).
6)After Completion of Syllabus, 2 times Revision with Mind Maps, Formula Sheets, Chapter Nutshell , etc.
7)20 Mock tests of Full Syllabus based on NEET Pattern after Completion of Syllabus (i.e, in April)
8)Daily Practice Problems(DPP) with each lecture consisting of relevant questions for NEET from the topic taught.
9)Video Solutions of DPP will be provided.
10)Chapterwise dynamic exercise after Completion of each chapter, consisting of MOST WANTED QUESTIONS for NEET (like test)
11)Regular live Sessions from your teachers for
i)Study Motivation
ii)Avoiding Negativity
iii)Strategy Planning
12)Batch will be open until NEET 2021, is conducted & students can have access to all Video Lectures,DPP,Exercises & Tests till NEET 2021(whenever it is conducted)

For any other detail/query write a mail to us @ yakeenphysicswallahgmail.com