03.Current Electricity

N.C.E.R.T  Chapter 03

N.C.E.R.T  Chapter 03 Solution


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Physicswallah Typed Notes

Chapter Formula

Lect 01: Electric Current & Drift Velocity

Lect 02: Resistance

Lect 03: Temperature Dependene

Lect 04: Colour coding of Resistances

Lect 05: Ohm’s Law(Scalar & Vector form)

Lect 06: Combination of Resistors

Lect 07: Combination of Resistors 02

Lect 08: Wheat Stone Bridge

Lect 09: Symmetry Rule

Lect 11: Kirchhoff’s Law

Lect 12: Series & Parallel Grouping of Cells

Lect 13: Electrical Power and Energy

Lect 14: Meter Bridge

Lect 15: Potentiometer