09.Ray Optics

NCERT Chapter 09

NCERT Chapter 09 Solutions

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Answers of assignment are given at the end of each assignment with complete solutions.

Lect 01: Introduction, Reflection in a Plane Mirror

Lect 02: Number of Images formed by Two Plane Mirrors

Lect 03: Velocity in Plane Mirror

Lect 05: Image formation by concave and convex mirror

Lect 06: Mirror’s Formula

Lect 07: Magnification

Lect 08: Combination of Mirrors

Lect 09: Velocity in Spherical Mirrors

Lect 10:Refraction Snell’s Law

Lect 11:Real Depth & Apparent Depth

Lect 12:Shift through Glass Slab

Lect 13:Critical Angle and Total Internal Reflection

Lect 14:Prism

Lect 15:Refraction from Spherical Surface

Lect 16: Lenses -Introduction

Lect 17: Image formation by concave and convex lense

Lect 18: Lens Maker’s Formula

Lect 19: Magnification in Lens 

Lect 20: Combination of thin Lenses

Lect 22:  Microscope

Lect 23:  Telescope