10. Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers

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Lect-01 : Introduction and Classification

Lect-03 : Preparation of Alcohols 02: From Carbonyl Compounds and Carboxylic Acid

Lect-04 : Preparation of Alcohols 03: From Grignard’s Reagant

Lect-05 : Chemical Properties of Alcohols-01

Lect-06 : Chemical Properties of Alcohols-02

Lect-07: Properties of Alcohols-03

Lect-08: Properties of Alcohols-04

Lect-09: Preparation of Phenols

Lect-10: Properties of Phenols-01

Lect-11: Properties of Phenols-02

Lect-12: Reimer Tiemann Reaction and Kolbe’s Reaction

Lect-13: Preparation of Ethers(R-O-R’)

Lect-14: Properties of Ethers