15. Waves

NCERT Chapter 15

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Assignment- Sound Wave

Answers of assignment are given at the end of each assignment with complete solutions.

Lect 01: General Equation of Waves

Lect 02: Progressive Harmonic  Waves

Lect 03: Phase Difference 

Lect 04: Speed of Wave on a String

Lect 05: How Energy Travels in a Wave

Lect 06: Interference of Waves

Lect 07: Reflection and Transmission of Waves

Lect 08: Standing Waves

Lect 09: Modes of Vibrations of String

Lect 10: Sound Waves-01

Lect 11: Sound Waves-02 | Speed of Sound

Lect 12:Standing Waves in organ pipe

Lect 13: Sound Waves-03|Beats

Lect 14: Sound Waves-05| Doppler Effect