14. Oscillations

NCERT Chapter 14

NCERT Chapter 14 Solution

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Lect 01: Introduction to SHM

Lect 02: Equation of SHM

Lect 03: Phasor Diagram

Lect 04: Energy in SHM

Lect 05: Graphs in SHM

Lect 06: Spring-Block System

Lect 07: Spring-Block System-02

Lect 08: Previous Year IIT Questions

Lect 09: Time Period of Simple Pendulum

Lect 10: Physical Pendulum

Lect 11: Tunnel Through Earth

Lect 12: Oscillation of Liquid in U-Tube

Lect 13: Oscillations of a Floating Body

Lect 14: Combination of SHM

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