01. Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

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Lect 01: Laws of Chemical Combination

Lect 02 : Mole Fraction

Lect 03: Molarity Molality

Lect 04: Equivalent Weight Gram Equivalent

Lect 05. Normality

Lect: How to Calculate Mole Stoichiometry Emperical Formula 

Lect : Significant Figures

• appreciate the contribution of
India in the development of
chemistry understand the role of
chemistry in different spheres of

• explain the characteristics of
three states of matter;
• classify different substances into
elements, compounds and
• use scientific notations and
determine significant figures;
• differentiate between precision and
• define SI base units and convert
physical quantities from one
system of units to another;
• explain various laws of chemical
• appreciate significance of atomic
mass, average atomic mass,
molecular mass and formula
• describe the terms – mole and
molar mass;
• calculate the mass per cent of
component elements constituting
a compound;
• determine empirical formula and
molecular formula for a compound
from the given experimental data;
• perform the stoichiometric

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