08. Redox Reactions

NCERT Chapter-08

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Lect 01: Oxidation No.

Lect 02: Types of Redox Reactions

Lect 03 : Balancing Equations.

Lect 04 : Balancing Equations by Oxidation  No. Method

identify redox reactions as a class of reactions in which oxidation and reduction reactions occur simultaneously;
• define the terms oxidation, reduction, oxidant (oxidising agent) and reductant (reducing agent);
• explain mechanism of redox reactions by electron transfer process;
• use the concept of oxidation number to identify oxidant and reductant in a reaction;
• classify redox reaction into combination (synthesis),decomposition, displacement and disproportionation reactions;
• suggest a comparative order among various reductants and oxidants;
• balance chemical equations using (i) oxidation number (ii) half reaction method;
• learn the concept of redox reactions in terms of electrode

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