NCERT Chapter-06

NCERT Chapter-06 Solution


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Lect 01: Reversible & Irreversible

Lect 02: Heat

Lect 03: Work Done by/on a Gas

Lect 04: Work Done in Isothermal & Adiabatic Process

Lect 05: First Law of Thermodynamics

Lect 06: Enthalpy

Lect 07: Enthalpies of Reaction

Lect 08: Hess Law

Lect 09: Second Law of Thermodynamics

Lect 10: Entropy

Lect 11: Entropy of Different Process

Lect 12: Gibb’s free Energy

Lect 13: Standard Gibb’s free Energy

explain the terms : system and
• discriminate between close,
open and isolated systems;
• explain internal energy, work
and heat;
• state first law of
thermodynamics and express
it mathematically;
• calculate energy changes as
work and heat contributions
in chemical systems;
• explain state functions: U, H.
• correlate ∆U and ∆H;
• measure experimentally ∆U
and ∆H;
• define standard states for ∆H;
• calculate enthalpy changes for
various types of reactions;
• state and apply Hess’s law of
constant heat summation;
• differentiate between extensive
and intensive properties;

• define spontaneous and non-
spontaneous processes;

• explain entropy as a
thermodynamic state function
and apply it for spontaneity;
• explain Gibbs energy change
(∆G); and
• establish relationship between
∆G and spontaneity, ∆G and
equilibrium constant.

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