05. States of Matter

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Lect 01:Basic Gas Laws

Lect 02: Ideal Gas Equation

Lect 03: Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressure

Lect 04: Grahm’s Law of Diffusion

Lect 05: Kinetic Theory of Gases

Lect 06: Maxwell Distribution

Lect 07: Real Gas, Ideal Gas

Lect 08: Real Gas Equation

existence of different
states of matter in terms of
balance between intermolecular
forces and thermal energy of
•  laws governing
behaviour of ideal gases;
• gas laws in various real life
•  behaviour of real
• describe the conditions required
for liquifaction of gases;
• realise that there is continuity in
gaseous and liquid state;
• differentiate between gaseous
state and vapours; and
• properties of liquids in
terms of intermolecular

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