04.Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

N.C.E.R.T Ch-04


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Lect 01: Introduction

Lect 02: Ionic Bond

Lect 03: Lattice Energy & Born-Haber Cycle

Lect 04: Fazan’s Rule

Lect 05: Lewis Dot Structure

Lect 06: Valence Bond Theory

Lect 07: P Pi-P Pi , d Pi-P Pi

Lect 08: Hybridisation

Lect 09: V.S.E.P.R

Lect 10: Molecular Orbital Theory

Lect 11: MOT-2

Lect 12: Dipole Moment

Lect 13: Bond Angle

Lect 14: Drago’s Rule

Lect 15: Vander Waals Forces

Lect 16: Hydrogen Bonding

• KÖssel-Lewis approach chemical bonding • octet rule and its limitations, Lewis structures of simple molecules • formation of different types of bonds • VSEPR theory geometry of simple molecules • valence bond approach for the formation of covalent bonds • directional properties of covalent bonds; • different types of hybridisation s, p and d orbitals draw shapes simple covalent molecules; • molecular orbital theory of homonuclear diatomic molecules; • concept of hydrogen bond

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