Solution Quiz-01

1. The vapour pressure of Acetone at 20ºC is 185 torr. When 1.2g of a non-volatile substance was dissolved in 100g of acetone at 20ºC, its vapour pressure was 183 torr. The molar mass of the substance is


2. For a dilute solution, Raoult’s law states that


3. A molal solution is one that contains one mole of a solute in


4. An azeotropic solution of two liquids has boiling point lower than either of them when it


5. The Henry’s law constant for the solubility of N2 gas in water at 298 K is 1.0×105 atm. The mole fraction of N2 in air is 0.8. The number of moles of N2 from air dissolved in 10 moles of water of 298 K and 5 atm pressure is


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