Magnetics Quiz-01

1. Two coaxial solenoids of different radii carry current I in the same direction. Let F1 be the magnetic force on the inner solenoid due to the outer one and F2 be the magnetic force on the outer solenoid due to the inner one. Then,


2. A charged particle is released from rest in a region of steady and uniform electric and magnetic fields which are parallel to each other. The particle will move in a


3. Two identical wires A and B, each of length l, carry the same current I. Wire A is bent into a circle of radius R and wire B is bent to form square of side a. If BA and BB are the values of magnetic field at the centers of the circle and square respectively, then the ratio BA / BB is


4. A particle of charge q and mass m moves in a circular orbit of radius r with angular speed ω. The ratio of the magnitude of its magnetic moment to that of its angular momentum depends on


5. A particle of mass m and charge q moves with a constant velocity v along the positive x-direction. It enters a region containing a uniform magnetic field B directed along the negative z-direction, extending from x=a to x=b. The minimum value of v required so that the particle can just enter the region x>b is


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