Laws of Motion Quiz-02

1. A block A kept on an inclined surface just begins to slide if the friction is 30º. The block is replaced by another block B and it is found that it just begins to slide if the inclination is 40º


2. A reference frame attached to the earth


3. A block of mass 5 kg and surface area 2m² just begins to slide down an inclined plane when the angle of inclination is 30º keeping the mass same the surface area of the block is doubled. The angle at which this starts sliding down is


4. A body is placed on a rough inclined plane of inclination θ. As the angle θ is increased from 0º to 90º the contact force between the block and the plane



5. A particle moves in the xy plane under the action of a force F such that the value of its linear momentum (P) at any time t is Px=2 cos t, Py=2 sin t. The angle θ between P and F at that time t will be


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