Kinematics Quiz-02

1. The coordinates of a particle moving in a plane are given by x(t)=α cos(pt) and y(t)=b sin(pt) where a,b(<a) and p are positive constants of appropriate dimensions. Then which of the following option is not true


2. The position vector of particle of mass m is given by the following equation:

r(t)=αt³î +  βt²ĵ where α=(10/3)m/s³, β=5m/s² and m=0.1 kg. At t=1s, which of the following statement is false about the particle?


3. A particle of mass m moves on the x-axis as follows:

it starts from rest at t=0 from the point x=0 and comes to rest at t=1 at the point x=1. No other information is available about its motion at intermediate times(0<t<1). If α denotes the instantaneous acceleration of the particle, then


4. A particle is moving Eastwards with a velocity of 5m/s. In 10s , the velocity changes to 5 m/s Northwards. The average acceleration in this time is


5. The displacement of a body is given by 2s=gt², where g is a constant. The velocity of the body at any time t is


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