Kinematics Quiz-01

1. A river is flowing from West to East at a speed of 5m/min. A man on the South bank of the river, capable of swimming at 10m/min in still water, wants to swim across the river in the shortest time. He should swim in a direction.


2. A small block slides without friction down an inclined plane starting from rest. Let sn be the distance travelled from t=n-1 to t=n. Then, sn /sn+1 is


3. A boat which has a speed of 5 Km/h in still water crosses a river of width 1 km along the shortest possible path in 15 min. The velocity of the river water in km/h is


4. From a tower of height H, a particle is thrown vertically upwards with a speed u. The time taken by the particle to hit the ground, is n times that taken by it to reach the highest point of its path. The relation between H,u and n is


5. A projectile is given an initial velocity of (i+2j) m/s, where, is along the ground and j is along the vertical. If g=10m/s² , then the equation of its trajectory is


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