Electrostatics Quiz-02

1. A long , hollow conducting cylinder is kept coaxially inside another long, hollow conducting cylinder of larger radius. Moth the cylinders are initially electrically neutral


2. Two point charges +q and -q are held fixed at (-d,0) and (d,0) respectively of a x-y co-ordinate system. Then


3. A uniform electric field pointing in positive x-direction exists in a region. Let A be the origin, B be the point on the x-axis at x=+1 cm and C be the point on the y-axis at y=+1 cm. Then the potentials at the points A,B and C satisfy


4. An alpha particle of energy 5MeV is scattered through 180º by a fixed uranium nucleus. The distance of closest approach is of order of


5. Assume that an electric field E=30x²î exists in space. Then, the potential difference VA-VO, where VO is the potential at the origin and VA the potential at x=2m is



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