ElectroChemistry Quiz-02

1. The equivalent conductance of NaCl at concentration C and at infinite dilution are λC and λ , respectively . The correct relationship between λC and λ is given as (where , the constant B is positive)


2. Saturated solution of KNOis used to make ‘salt-bridge’ because


3. Two Faraday of electricity is passed through a solution of CuSO4 The mass of copper deposited at the cathode is (at. mass of Cu=63.5 u)


4. In a galvanic cell, the salt-bridge


5. The gas X at 1 atm is bubbled through a solution containing a mixture of 1 M  Y¯ and 1 M Z¯ at 25º C. If the order of reduction potential is Z>Y>X, then


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